Optimize Your Operation with Equipment Rentals from Redneck

Redneck Oilfield Services offers 60KW to 100KW generators that are equipped with double wall fuel tanks and light towers. The generators sit on an oilfield skid for easy transportation. Our units can run a variety of voltages at the same time from 110 volts to 600 volts and come with a wide selection of plugs from standard 110 volt plugs to 100 amp 600 volt plugs.

Low Side Shale Bins
Redneck’s low side shale bins are 11’6” wide by 4’ high and 20’ to 40’ long with ramp and welded-on traction plates for a loader. Our shale bins come equipped with 4 shackles to tie down a loader or other equipment on location moves.

Rig Mats
Redneck offers a variety of rig mats for drilling rigs, service rigs, pipelines and construction sites.

  • 8’ x 20’ mats (3 or 4 beam)
  • 8’ x 40’ mats (3 or 4 beam)
  • 6’ x 10’ steel safety mat
  • Square-nose 8’ x 20’
  • Square-nose 9’ x 40’

Pipe Racks
Redneck’s heavy duty pipe racks are 42” high x 33’ long.

Redneck offers a wide variety of pumps from 110 volt 2” Flygt pumps to 480 volt 4” trash pumps, 480 volt 3” to 4” Gorman Rup pumps and 1” fuel pumps.

Spill Response Kits
Redneck spill response kits are housed inside an 8’ x 8’ c-can and come with a wide variety of spill containment and absorbent materials.

Bit Shacks
Our bit shacks come equipped with a heater, vice, work bench, shelves and overhead lighting as well as an electric hoist to assist with moving those heavy loads.

Redneck offers a wide range of lighting for your on-site needs. We have motorless as well as 8kw to 45kw motor units. The 45kw towers have 16 – 1500w lights reducing the need for multiple towers.

Sample Washers
Redneck sample washers are ideal for cleaning. They have an air operated pump and come with brush, spray nozzle and mesh strainer.

Mud Huts
Keep your products out of the elements with Redneck mud huts.

Redneck Oilfield Services Ltd. also supplies a variety of other equipment including the following:

  • Security shacks
  • Transformers
  • Ditch magnets
  • Boiler blow down tanks
  • Plastic barriers
  • Plastic berm systems
  • Fire kits
  • Line crossings
  • Liners
  • Power distribution panels

If you have questions about any of our equipment, pricing and availability, please contact us.